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COVID-19 Containment and Relief

We need leadership that can manage our recovery from the pandemic responsibly and make sure everybody stays afloat.

With more and more vaccinations being administered every day, we have reason to be optimistic about the end of this devastating pandemic. That being said, we still have to remain vigilant by encouraging people to mask up, socially distance, and test while waiting for their vaccine.

We also have to recognize that it will be impossible to simply go back to ‘normal’ when we try to put COVID-19 behind us. The pandemic has exposed and deepened deep inequalities and flaws in our government, economy, and society that need our attention. My campaign is committed to not just building back to where we were, but building back better, fairer, and more equitably than before—and that’s reflected across our policy platform.

Until this pandemic is completely over, our campaign will provide community resources to support Virginians to find accessible places to get vaccinated or tested for coronavirus.


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