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COVID-19 Containment and Relief

We need new leadership that can manage the pandemic responsibly and make sure everybody can stay afloat in these tough times.

The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented crisis that has been mismanaged by government leadership at all levels. While some refuse to listen to the science, others fail to act on the inequities that COVID has exacerbated. Irresponsible “reopenings” have put frontline workers in danger, while those who have lost their jobs have been let down by a lack of federal stimulus and an archaic unemployment insurance system. 

Without money in working families’ pockets, evictions have been allowed to move forward and thousands are facing the prospect of homeslessness during a pandemic. Thousands more are facing the prospect of losing their employer-provided health insurance. Black and Latinx workers especially have seen the worst of the virus—being lauded as the backbone of our essential workforce without being given the protections they need.

We can reverse this crisis of leadership with bold policies that put the need to save lives above any political agenda.

That includes:

  • Leading with science- and equity-based public health decision making, including transparent data tracking.
  • Guaranteeing PPE, rapid testing, and responsible return to work for frontline and essential workers.
  • Providing paid sick and family leave for all Virginians, so a positive test result doesn’t have to mean financial devastation.
  • Enacting a moratorium on all evictions and a well-funded rent and mortgage relief program until Virginians can get back on their feet.
  • Creating an emergency expansion of Medicaid to cover Virginians who lose their health insurance coverage.
  • Ensuring proper resources and enhanced administrative capabilities for Virginia’s unemployment insurance system.


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