Sean On the Issues

Good Government, By and For the People

Virginians deserve a modern, 21st century government that involves them directly in a fair democratic process.

As a former investigator on the US House Oversight Committee, I have a passion for honest government that is rooted in service and integrity. One glance at Virginia’s system of elections and lawmaking reveals deep flaws that rig the game against regular people who want to be active participants in their democracy.

Our “anything goes” campaign laws allow big corporations and wealthy donors to contribute unlimited amounts of money to political candidates and make their voices the loudest on the critical issues facing our Commonwealth. Although we’ve made great progress on securing the right to vote, there’s more we can do to shake the legacy of voter disenfranchisement. 

Virginia’s General Assembly, where all laws are written at the state-level, is stuck in an 18th century model of legislating, where our Delegates and Senators are only expected to be in Richmond a few months out of the year. Those legislators aren’t paid a living salary and, as a result, must turn to other lines of work, opening up the door to conflicts of interest and divided attention. When the General Assembly is open for session, legislators have to cram extremely complex and consequential decisions into a small window of time, which leaves regular people like you and me crowded out of the process.

Both the successes and failures of other states that have reformed their processes show us that there is a common sense way forward for Virginia.

That includes:

  • Protecting and expanding access to the ballot for all Virginians, including expanding automatic voter registration.
  • Getting big money out of politics with serious campaign finance reform, including reasonable contribution limits.
  • Modernizing Virginia’s government and professionalizing the General Assembly so Delegates and Senators can treat their duties to the people as a full time job.
  • Finding a lasting solution to the redistricting process that ensures districts are representative of the real communities they encompass.
  • Moving towards ranked choice voting that gives Virginians more freedom to pick the candidate they believe in.
  • Protecting our Commonwealth and the vote with cybersecurity leadership.