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Perryman For Lt. Governor Raises Over $200,000 in Strong First Fundraising Haul

Jan 01, 2021

RELEASE: January 1st, 2021
Contact: [email protected]

FAIRFAX, VA – Sean Perryman’s campaign for Lieutenant Governor has raised over $204,000 with $170,000 cash on hand since announcing his historic run for Lieutenant Governor. Perryman officially entered the race in October, and already has amassed a sizable war chest with nearly half of all contributions coming since November. The campaign has received more than $55,000 in pledges in December. The first-time candidate has also racked up 47 endorsements since entering the race.

Perryman’s fundraising total is especially impressive given that his campaign has not and will not accept corporate dollars or donations from publicly-regulated utilities.

In response to the impressive fundraising haul, Perryman said, “It is an honor to have such tremendous grassroots support for my run for Lieutenant Governor. Our strong fundraising and endorsements from leaders from across Virginia make it clear that a progressive agenda that takes on the status quo can win in Virginia. We have assembled a strong coalition of support determined to fight for racial, economic, social, and environmental justice.”

“With our ability to fundraise, our campaign has proven that we are a serious contender in the race to become Virginia’s next Lieutenant Governor. Sean is a 34-year-old Black candidate that has never run for public office, and yet this fundraising period has proven that his candidacy is clearly one to watch in 2021. Equipped with strong fundraising, almost 50 endorsements, a visionary, popular progressive message and platform, a campaign team with decades of Virginia political experience, and solid support in the most vote-rich part of the state, our campaign is poised to win,” said Campaign Chairman Dan Lagana.

Sean Perryman is President Emeritus of the Fairfax County Chapter of the NAACP, a technology public policy advocate, attorney, and former congressional investigator. If elected he would become one of the youngest Lt. Governors in Virginia history.

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