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Perryman Demonstrates Strong Early Support

Lt. Governor Candidate Raises Over $80,000 in Individual Contributions in First Ten Days

RELEASE: August 10th, 2020

Contact: [email protected]

FAIRFAX, VA – The Sean Perryman for Lt. Governor campaign reported strong early grassroots support from across the Commonwealth. Perryman, a first-time candidate, raised well over $80,000 in contributions, all from individuals, in just the first ten days of fundraising. If elected, Perryman would be the youngest Lt. Governor in Virginia history at 35.

“I am gratified by this early outpouring of grassroots support,” Perryman, the president of the Fairfax County NAACP, said Monday. “Here in the birthplace of American democracy, Virginians are eager for 21st Century progressive good government – government that addresses the needs of everyone, whether they live in Tysons or Tidewater or Tazewell.”

“This money isn’t coming from big corporations or Super PACs,” he said, “it’s coming from regular people who see this campaign as the next phase in the movement to fight for Virginians who too often get left behind.”

“My entire career has been an exercise in relying on my education, my lived experience, my training and my imagination to bring together coalitions around creative solutions to our greatest challenges. This strong show of early support is a clear indication that Virginians want their government to listen as well as to act,” said Perryman.