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Perryman for Virginia Lays Out Platform Positions, Calls for Debates for Democratic Lt. Governor Candidates

Oct 15, 2020

RELEASE: October 15th, 2020

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FAIRFAX, VA – Today, Sean Perryman’s campaign for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia released a detailed platform on his website. This comes a day after Perryman officially announced his campaign as well as 31 endorsements from elected officials and community leaders. Perryman also called on other Democratic candidates for Lieutenant Governor to agree to multiple policy-focused debates before next year’s primary.

“Our platform draws on my lived experience growing up in a Black working class family, my professional experience as a policy advocate, and the experience of dozens of experts and activists from across the spectrum of issues who have engaged our campaign. At the core of all of these policy areas is a need to bridge the growing divide between those at the top and those who are consistently left-behind,” said Perryman.

“We’ve laid out a clear vision on COVID-19 containment and relief, the economy, policing and criminal justice, the climate crisis, our democracy, and civil rights and equity. Our campaign will strive to always learn from those on the ground who are experiencing injustice and fighting for better policy from the state. We will not treat each of these issues as separate, but as part of a shared struggle for all to prosper.”

“I’m calling on my fellow Democratic candidates in the race for Lieutenant Governor to commit to a series of debates over the course of this campaign. Not only should we commit to general debates, but we should also hold debates on at least five policy areas that a potential Lieutenant Governor will have to address on behalf of Virginians.”

“In these unprecedented times, we face more challenges than ever before; challenges that are increasingly complex and nuanced. Voters deserve the chance to hear us flesh out our ideas for the future of our Commonwealth and respectfully debate our differences. By doing so we can elevate the conversation in this race and make clear distinctions for voters in what is sure to be a crowded field of qualified candidates.”

Sean Perryman is President of the Fairfax County Chapter of the NAACP, a technology public policy advocate, attorney, and former congressional investigator. If elected he would become the one of the youngest Lt. Governor in Virginia history. He has been endorsed by Delegate Kaye Kory, Lindsey Davis Stover, Vice-Mayor Chad Martin, Pastor Michelle Thomas, and dozens of Virginia community leaders.