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Sean Perryman Applauds Governor Northam for Restoring Voting Rights to Former Felons; Calls for Total End of Felon Disenfranchisement

Mar 16, 2021

RELEASE: March 16th, 2021
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FAIRFAX, VA – Governor Northam announced on Tuesday that he is taking executive action to restore voting rights to any formerly incarcerated people in Virginia who are currently under probation. This action will enfranchise over 69,000 Virginians ahead of the 2021 elections.

“This is a strong step towards civil rights and racial justice,” said Lt. Governor candidate Sean Perryman. “We should commend Governor Northam’s leadership in expanding voting access at a time when voting rights are being threatened across the country. Felon disenfranchisement is a relic of the Jim Crow criminal justice system and it has no place in our Commonwealth. Every Virginian deserves to have their voice heard at the ballot box, period.”

“We need to build on this action and pass legislation that amends Virginia’s constitution to ensure no Virginian ever loses their right to vote,” continued Perryman. “We know too much about how mass incarceration targets Black, brown, and low-income people to pretend that the disenfranchisement of the incarcerated is an fair policy. The right to vote should be a guarantee that can’t be taken away. Updating our constitution will help us live by our modern values of justice and not those of our Commonwealth’s racist past. I applaud the Governor for his work and vow to build upon the strong legacy of racial justice he is building.”

Perryman published an op-ed in The Free Lance-Star last month calling for enfranchisement for both ex-felons and those currently incarcerated. Perryman has years of experience fighting for racial equity and criminal justice reform at the local community level, and has been a clear leader on criminal justice reform policy in the race for Lieutenant Governor. The campaign has also been endorsed by the Commonwealth’s Attorneys of Fairfax County, Hampton, and Newport News, each citing Perryman’s vision and expertise on issues of criminal justice.

Sean Perryman is President Emeritus of the Fairfax County Chapter of the NAACP, a technology public policy advocate, attorney, and former congressional investigator. If elected he would become one of the youngest Lt. Governors in Virginia history.

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